Excellence in High School Musical Theater

Since 1991, CVTheatre has participated in the Gene Kelly Awards for Excellence in High School Musical Theater, an organization aimed to recognize and encourage student achievement in musical theater and arts education. CVTheatre's participation in The Gene Kelly Awards has and continues to provide countless recognition and scholarship opportunities for our students. Over the past 20 years, Gene Kelly Award winners have gone on to many Broadway and Hollywood careers.

Inspiring Our Students

CVTheatre's recognition doesn't end with a standing ovation, we participate in multiple performing arts award opportunities!

Performing Arts Awards

Since 1991, CVTheatre has received 81 nominations and Gene Kelly awards for excellence in high school theater!

Nationally Ranked Dance

In 2016 alone, the CVTheatre Dance Troupe ranked first place locally and in state. The Dance Troupe placed 12th nationally in 2016 for Jazz and 13th in Hip Hop