Waiting in box office lines and missing the opening number - we've all done it and we all hate it. That's why CVTheatre has implemented online ticketing with the help of our partner TicketLeap. Our online ticketing system allows you to choose your desired seats from a virtual seating chart and pay securely with your credit card. You can have the system automatically find the best seats in the house, or view a seating chart and pick your own seats. After you've placed your order and submitted your payment via credit card (via TicketLeap), your tickets will be automatically emailed to you. Print them out at home and bring them to the event with you. If you forget your tickets or lose them, no problem! We can look them up at anytime, no problem. We'll scan each ticket's unique barcode at the door and you'll be on your way to enjoying the production!

CVTheatre has implemented an online ticketing system which allows you to purchase tickets for CVTheatre productions from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be with your cell phone. You can view a virtual seating chart of the theatre, choosing the individual seats you wish to purchase. Once you've made your selection, you will be able to checkout using accepted forms of payment (All major credit cards). Once you've completed your purchase, your tickets will be immediately emailed to you. When it comes time for the performance, you can either bring your ticket print outs or have them available on your mobile phone. Each ticket has a unique barcode that will be scanned upon entry. Duplicate tickets or tickets for other performances will be rejected. If you forget your ticket(s), they can always be looked up at the door using the name of the purchaser.

Yes, the online ticketing system is that allows you to choose any available seat from a virtual seating chart. Choosing your own seat is not offered at the box office. Once on the ticketing site, click the "choose my own seats" option, click the section you wish to view, and select the seats you wish to purchase.

Please be aware that the choose your own seat function is not available on mobile phones due to the lack of interface required. With that said, you must access the ticketing site from a desktop or laptop, preferably using Google Chrome, in order to choose your desired seats from the seating chart. Otherwise, the system will automatically find the best seats available for you. For more information on what "best available" seats are, please see the the "what are best available seats?" section.

CVTheatre offers two types of tickets, Preferred Seating & General Admission.

Preferred Seating is assigned seating in the front three sections closest to the stage - the seat printed on your ticket is your seat (This fills up fast!).

General Admission is seating in the rear two sections, unassigned and on a first come first served basis. General Admission tickets will have seat number printed on them for internal tracking purposes, but do not assign nor guarantee you the printed seat.

Immediately after your payment has been received, your tickets are automatically emailed to you as a PDF attachment. You can print these tickets out, have them available on your mobile device via PDF or the TicketLeap app, or provide your name for scanning when you arrive at the theatre.
Like any ticketing service, there are associated service fees. The service fees are added automatically to your tickets upon checkout. Unlike major ticket processors who charge processing fees for profit, our ticketing fees cover only the credit card processing fees associated with the transaction. This ensures that we still receive the face price of the ticket. Ticket revenue is the only source of income the CVTheatre productions have, they are not financially funded by the school district.
All payment processing for CVTheatre, online or in person, is processed using TicketLeap's secure payment system which uses a third party called Stripe. Stripe is an industry leading payment processor and protects your personal information using industry standard encryption. It's important to note that your credit card information is never disclosed to us at the CVTheatre.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding ticketing of any form, please contact the ticketing department whose email is available on our contact page.

Please refer to our refund/exchange policy which is agreed to upon checkout.

Yes, all CVTheatre productions offer senior citizen discounts for patrons of age 60 years or older on the opening night performance in the general admission section. These tickets cannot be purchased nor reserved ahead of time and must be purchased at the box office.
Yes, CVTheatre offers a limited number of complimentary tickets for any Chartiers Valley School District faculty member or Chartiers Valley School Board member. The total number of complimentary faculty tickets is limited per show and are on a first come, first served basis. To order faculty tickets, please email the ticketing department whose contact information is available on our contact page.
When you purchase tickets for CVTheatre productions from your mobile device, you are not given the option to choose the specific seats from the virtual seating chart as mobile devices are unable to offer the necessary interface. If you'd like to be able to select seats from a virtual seating chart, please come back and visit from a laptop or desktop browser. You can still purchase tickets from mobile devices, however, the system will automatically find the most desirable available tickets based on your performance and section preferences.
In addition to offering the ability to purchase your seats from a virtual seating chart, our system also allows you to have it automatically find the best available seats. Best available seats are whatever is closest to the stage towards the middle of the section. You can be sure that if you use the best available seating function, the system will truly find you the best available seats for sale. Purchasing your tickets from the box office utilizes the same ticketing system which will assign you seats according to the same method.
No. Tickets are valid only on the performance evening for which they were purchased. Even if they are unused, tickets from other productions or performances will not be honored and will be rejected upon scanning. Each ticket has a unique barcode and can only be scanned once.

Traditional ticketing functions by allowing patrons to purchase tickets to CVTheatre productions at the box office the evening of the performances. Cash and credit cards are accepted forms of payment, personal checks are not accepted.

Our ticketing system will automatically assign you seats when purchasing tickets at the box office and seat/section requests will not be honored.

Yes! You can continue to purchase tickets at the box office come the evening of the performance. Please be aware that the box office ticketing schedules and times vary by production.
In addition to cash, CVTheatre allows you to use credit cards for ticketing purchases at the box office. Please be aware that there is a small credit card processing fee added to tickets purchased using a credit card at the box office. Personal checks are not accepted.

No, if you would like to purchase tickets to future performances, you will need to purchase them online or purchase them at the box office come the evening of the performance

Tickets purchased the box office follow the same refund/exchange policy as tickets purchased online and pre-sale. Please contact our ticketing department with any questions.

The following section concerns the ticketing for performers only in CVTheatre productions. Performers are given the option of submitting paper ticket orders before the production nights in order to reserve tickets. Due to the additional processing time of paper orders, the availability of seats cannot be guaranteed as opposed to online orders. Online ticketing is the only way view which seats are currently available and purchase specific seats.

Note: This process is only valid for performers within CVTheatre productions. Please fully read and follow the instructions outlined below, otherwise your order will not be processed. The last date a paper can be submitted is the day before the production opens, after which further paper orders will be rejected.

  1. Download and print the performer ticketing form
    • Fall Drama 2016 - Into The Woods Jr. | Download
    • HS Musical 2017 - Sweeney Todd | Download
    • MS Musical 2017 - Cinderella | Download
    • Showcase 2017 - Chapters | Download
  2. Print out and sign the required CVTheatre Ticketing Agreement| Download. Your paper order will not be processed without a signed copy of the ticketing agreement attached.
  3. Fill out the ticketing form with all of the required information and sign the ticketing agreement contract.
    • Your email address is required in order for your tickets to be emailed to you. If you do not provide your email address, your order will not be processed.
    • Note: You are permitted to specify section preference for preferred seating, but specific row/seat requests will not be honored. If you'd like to choose specific seats, you must use online ticketing.
  4. Calculate your payment due and enclose cash or personal check.
    • Please make all personal checks payable to "CV Activity Fund". Checks who fail to clear will result in the cancellation of your order. If the event has passed and the check fails to clear, the due amount will be added as a fine to the student's district account.
    • Payment is due upon submission of paper order. Orders submitted without payment will not be processed.
  5. Turn in completed form with payment to the production director.
  6. When your order has been processed and payment cleared, you will receive your tickets via the email provided on the form. Enjoy the production!

Once your order has been received and payment cleared through our business office (if paying by check), the ticketing system will email you your tickets to the email address specified on your order. You may print out these tickets or have them open and available on your phone at the door.

Please Note: Your order will not be processed if you do not provide an email address on your order. This will delay your order and you will not receive priority seating.

Your email address is required for performer paper ticket orders as these tickets are sold pre-sale through our ticketing system. Since you are paying with cash or check, there are no processing fees. The ticketing system will email you your tickets from your performer ticket order to the email address specified on your order.

Please Note: Your order will not be processed if you do not provide an email address on your order. This will delay your order and you will no longer receive priority seating.

The CVTheatre requires that a ticketing agreement be signed by the purchaser of pre-sale tickets in order to protect our productions from the possibilities of charge backs, bounced checks and inappropriate conduct. This agreement is required to be agreed to by customers of online or pre-sale ticket orders. Without agreement to the ticketing terms, your order will not be processed. We encourage you to carefully read over the ticketing agreement and contact us with any questions you may have.
No. While it depends on the production, some productions will allow you to specify the general section / area in the theater where you'd like your tickets to be located, but not the specific seats. When your order is processed, our ticketing system will automatically select the best available seats in that area, or the best seats available in the theater if no section is specified. Choosing specific seats is a function exclusive to the online ticketing system and will not be honored on any paper ticket orders. If you'd like to have the option to select your desired seats, we encourage you to try our online ticketing!